What is Surgically Clean Air ONYX?

The ONYX is a sleek, robust wall mount air purification system best suited for commercial washrooms, hotel rooms, condominiums and much more.

Engineered to maximize the air change rate by moving large volumes, the ONYX captures a wide range of pollutants that are found in the indoor air using Surgically Clean Air’s powerful six-stage air-purifing filtration system.

The ONYX Air Purifier has unparalleled performance with real-time air quality monitoring, VOC indicator, PM 2.5, humidity monitor, remote control access and a firemans safety lock feature.

  • Dimensions: 45 cm x 75 cm
  • Weight: 41.6 lbs (18.6 kg)
  • Air Flow: CFM 125| 195 | 238
  • Sound Level: low <30dB | high 55 dB
  • Air Quality Sensors: Yes
  • Control Panel: Yes
  • Pre-Filter: Yes
  • Ultrafine Filter (HEPA – Rx): Yes
  • Activate Carbon Filter: Yes
  • Germicidal UV-C+ Bulbs: Yes
  • Hydroxyl Radical Reactivity Chamber: Permanent
  • Revitalizating Chamber: Permanent

Whisper Quiet

Sound engineering allows a large airflow at <50 dB

Moves a lot of air

Easily cleans and purifies large spaces

Low Total Cost

Lowest cost per cubic foot of air cleaned over a 5 year period

Stages of Air Purification

The ONYX air purification system utilizes Surgically Clean Air’s powerful six-stage air-purifying filtration system which captures a wide range of pollutants that are found in the indoor air in workplaces and residences.

The pre-filter stage catches the largest particles as room air is drawn through the intake chamber.

The HEPA-Rx filter captures almost 100% of the ultrafine particulates down to 0.0025 microns in size.

The activated carbon filter absorbs VOCs  – noxious odours, chemicals and gases.

The high intensity UV-C+ Bulb ruptures the DNA of viruses and bacteria, effectively rendering them harmless.

The Titanium Dioxide Catalyst adds more energy to the intensity of the Germicidal UV-C+ light. Electrons are then released at the catalyst surface. These electrons interact with water molecules and create Hydroxyl Radicals. This stage is sometimes referred to as photocatalytic oxidation.

Hydroxyl Radicals are released into the air and further attack pollutant molecules, breaking apart their chemical bonds rendering them harmless.

Before the pure, clean air is circulated back into the room, the air is revitalized with negative ions.

Studies have shown that nagetive ions increase that flow of oxygen to the brain, resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness and more mental energy.

COVID19 is approximately 0.125 microns

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efficiency at 0.1 microns
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efficiency at 0.2 microns

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