What Does Healthy Sole Plus™ Do?

Healthy Sole Plus™ was designed to kill germs on the soles of shoes. COVID-19 has been shown to stay on the bottom of your shoes. Try Healthy Sole Plus™ today. The dirtiest, most-overlooked place  is the bottom of the shoes walking around it. Don’t let dangerous organisms travel in and out of high risk areas ever again! Healthy Sole Plus™ is the first in its industry to use UV-C technology to kill 99.9% of the germs and pathogens on the soles of shoes.


  • Disinfects shoes and booties
  • Kills 99.9% of UVC exposed germs & pathogens
  • 8 second disinfection time
  • Disinfects without harmful chemicals
  • Hands-free operation
  • Portable – can be placed anywhere
  • Easy to use

According to a 3M study, 80% of contamination entering a critical environment does so on feet or wheels

Healthy Sole Plus™ is the One Missing Step in Infection Control and Bundling Programs

Healthy Sole Plus™ is the first clinically proven UVC product to kill up to 99.99% of exposed microorganisms such as bacterial and viral pathogens on the soles of shoes in 8 seconds. Healthy Sole Plus™ is also effective against fungi and bacterial spores that travel on shoe soles leading to the spread of infection via inhalation or horizontal translation from surface and air contamination.

Healthy Sole Plus™ In Action

Healthy Sole Plus™ Demo Video

A demonstration of the proper usage of Healthy Sole Plus™ UVC shoe sole device.

Healthy Sole Plus™ Independent Clinical Testing Video

Dr. Garey’s team with the University of Houston College of Pharmacy explains the independent clinical testing Healthy Sole Plus has undergone in their laboratories.

Healthy Sole Plus™

Healthy Sole Plus™ is an active line of defense that kills and eliminates millions of microbes on the soles of shoes or booties, before, during and after a person enters any environment within a healthcare facility.

HealthySole Plus Testimonial by Dr. Lehman

Renowned surgeon, Dr. Richard Lehman, of the U.S. Center for Sports Medicine in St. Louis, MO uses Healthy Sole Plus™ and this testimonial explains the benefits it has made in his practice.

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